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General Management Executive Program

Next Session Starts In March 2016.
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The General Management Executive Program (GMEP) is a year-long, intensive dealer development program where participating managers and faculty come together every other month for a total of six sessions to develop the leadership and management competencies so critical for success in the retail automotive industry.

In order to drive positive dealership performance throughout the entire General Management Executive Program, NCM Institute employs the following strategies:

  1. Guarantee of Action (GOA) Process - attendees will develop, quantify, document, implement, monitor, and regularly report on at least seven faculty-approved Action Plans following each of the first five training sessions.
  2. Review and critique of the dealership’s NCM financial composite by both faculty and student to identify opportunities for improvement and track progress of sales, gross, profitability, personnel productivity, and other key metrics.
  3. Integration of certain Variable Operations improvement initiatives within each of the course sessions. In order to maximize the profitability of the dealership, Variable Operations must be a focus item. Agenda time will be consistently devoted to this core competency.

Program Agenda

Session One: Accountability Management and Financial Understanding; Opportunity Management in Variable Operations

Session Two: Service Management; Sales and Gross Planning for Variable Operations

Session Three: Service Management, continued; Introduction to Used Vehicle Management

Session Four: Used Vehicle Management, continued; Digital Marketing and Internet Management

Session Five: Digital Marketing and Internet Management, continued; General Sales Management

Session Six: Financial Services Management; Analysis of Lost Opportunities; SSI and CSI Management; Review of Each Department